You Can't Scale With Ease If You Don't Effectively Delegate

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Effectively delegate your tasks and clear your plate in less than "5" days!

Running a business has a lot of moving parts—that’s why I redesigned my Task Management Challenge to include live programming, so you don’t have to do it alone.

First Step

The Task Management Challenge is available to all Business Owner Systems customers along with the BONUS: Business Owner Systems Toolkit. Not sure about the owner systems toolkit yet? You can start the Task Management Challenge and at the same time implement the Business Owner Systems Toolkit for just $297 $37. You’ll be entered into the challenge as soon as you join.

Toolkit Contents:

  • How to Leverage the Power of Tools and Team" Workbook
  • Tool Planning Worksheet (Eliminate Unnecessary Tools)
  • Delegation Workshop, Roadmap & Worksheets (How To Effectively Delegate)
  • Money Tracking Worksheet (Track the Right Metrics The Make $)
  • Strategic Growth Guide (15 Ways To Money Up Your Business)
  • Task Planning Worksheet
  • Ultimate Content Planning Guide (Cut your planning in half)
  • Bonuses & Much More...

Get Guidance,

Hit Milestones,

Start Scaling,

Clear Your Plate,

Boost Your Business!

By joining our next Task Management Challenge, you’ll gain the tools, guidance, and resources you need to clear your plate and re-focus your vision in 3 days or less, including:

  • Three days of supportive live sessions and detailed content from a veteran operations specialist.
  • Weekly emails with updates to keep you on track and hold you accountable.
  • Worksheets, templates, and scripts you can use yourself or hand over to your team.
  • Demos that show you exactly how to delegate your tasks within 24 hours, set up tasks for completion, and grow your revenue.
  • Real-life examples to show you what works (and what doesn’t)
  • PLUS: BONUS Business Owner Systems Toolkit

This challenge is for you

The Task Management Challenge is geared towards motivated business owners who need guidance and a set schedule to help them take action. If any of these descriptions sound familiar, you won’t want to miss it:

  • You’ve thought about (or started) hiring your team but you feel more scattered and stressed thinking about hiring help.
  • You have million-dollar ideas and products on the shelf but haven't been able to launch them successfully because you are working on tasks that will not grow your business or revenue.
  • You want an easy everyday system to help you earn money while allowing you to work smarter not harder.
  • You have a vision for growing & creating a business you love but need step-by-step guidance to achieve it.
  • You wish you had the right strategies to make your business productive and profitable.

Ready, set, go

Task Management Challenge is available to all Business Owner System members who are using the Owner Toolkit to effectively manage their daily projects and delegate tasks. Click below to grab the toolkit and join the challenge.

Lock in the special price at just $297 $37.

What's In The Toolkit?

Strategic Owner Systems "SOS" Formula & Workbook

Business Owner Systems Templates, Calendars & Operational Swipe Files

The Secret To Moving The Needle In Your Business Faster

Plus More...

Plus More...

Plus More...

You (yes, you) can clear your plate in just three days

Running a fully operative business has a lot of moving parts—that’s why we redesigned our Task Management Challenge to include live sessions, so you don’t have to do it alone. We are here every step of the way.

  • Clear non-revenue tasks off your plate
  • Design your ideal day and maximize it
  • Establish a Money Up Plan
  • Position the right backup support
  • Work Smarter Daily, Not Harder
  • Start crafting the right business promotions, projects, and ongoing campaigns so you can cover your expenses & profit!

Stop stalling. Take off.

By joining Task Management Challenge, you’ll learn how to build a business with a foundation that is simplified, and less stressful. You'll re-position yourself and set yourself and your business up for success in less than five days.

Here is what you will accomplish this week:

Day One: Time Is Money

Learn how to hand off the tasks that should not be on your plate. You’ll walk away knowing how to identify who can do what so you can begin to focus on the BIG picture.

Day Two: Move The Needle

Create an impactful CEO dashboard, and schedule, and begin to free yourself from non-visionary -aka- non-revenue tasks. Start your business daily with a more systematic approach.

Day Three: Money Up Your Business

Discover quick cash flow strategies and learn about sales systems that will help you increase your profits.

Day Four: Get More Done & Profit!

Walk through the execution of how to effectively execute the right team support, how to implement the toolkit, implement your new CEO schedule, and receive live feedback from our experts.

Day Five: Attract More Clients

Walk through how to get your clients to say "YES" more. Your clients experience your services, workflows, and products, and receive live feedback from our experts.

Hi I'm Tequila!

And my mission is simple:

I help business owners take the first step toward refocusing and repositioning their business, so they feel LESS stressed inside the business.

I help you strategically systemize your business, so you fall in love again with your vision.

Together we leverage your business operations so you can scale with ease.


I heard you

“I’m not sure I’m ready. I need time.”

If you wait until you feel 100% ready, you might never get started. This challenge and toolkit are designed to help re-boot your business, no matter your experience or business level.

“I want guidance on what to do.”

This challenge is about more than, well, challenging you. It’s also about giving you the guidance and support you need to get you back in the owner's seat ready to sell in less than "5" days.

“I’m at capacity and I have so much to finish first.”

You can continue working 80% behind the scenes while your business is suffering out front or we can get you back in the right seat and grow your business. It's time for you to be out FRONT!!! As a bonus, in the challenge, you’ll get the framework to guide you towards making sales—so you’re getting paid for your time.

“I don’t know of many strategies to help scale my business.”

Even if you don’t have an arsenal of business growth strategies at the moment, we will help you tap into proven tools and strategies so your business can take off.

“Can I do the challange more than one time?”

Of course, business owners use the challenge as a way to set up their monthly or quarterly focus again and again. Join fellow business owners who use this challenge to boost their business and set their projects up for success! The best part is all future task challenges are FREE!!!

Take the challenge & skyrocket your next business quarter!

Task Management Challenge is open to all Business Owner System customers. Grab the Business Owner Systems toolkit for as low as $37 (Valued at $297) and join the challenge.

Within weeks Tequila helped me focus my financials, increase revenue and scale my business.


The Morning Hero

Productivity Coach

Tequila helped me "Think Like A CEO" and build my business. Within one year I replaced my corporate six-figure salary!!!


Communication Coach

Within 3 months Tequila helped us build out our agency infrastructure which led us to seven figures.


~~Digital Agency Owner

Your Questions, Answered

Who is eligible to join the Task Management Challenge?

The challenge is open to anyone who has purchased a Business Owner Systems toolkit. If you are not yet a customer, grab the toolkit and join the challenge.

How long does the challenge last?

The challenge officially runs for 6 days, but you may finish sooner.

When does the challenge occur?

The task management challenge runs monthly. Once you participate in the first one you have FREE access to all future monthly task management challenges. Grab the toolkit, join the challenge and start setting your projects up for success!

Can I participate if I’ve never outsourced or hired support before?

This challenge is great for seasoned business owners and first-timers alike. We’ll fast-track you through all the steps you need to build a stress-less and simplified business—whether it’s your first, second, or fifteenth year in business.

I can’t tune in live, how do I access the replays?

The recordings from the live sessions will be uploaded directly into their corresponding lecture inside the membership area.

How long will I have access to the challenge?

You’ll have lifetime access to the toolkit materials, videos, and content. All new content will be uploaded from future challenges.

Is my business really going to be reviewed?

That’s right! At the end of the sixth day, we offer you the chance to submit your business operations for feedback from the Business Owner Systems team. To be eligible, you’ll need to:

Fill out an operational review form. But note that you can continue participating in the challenge to complete all the days!

I still have questions. Who do I contact?

We’re happy to help answer your questions! Just email us at

From Busy Business Overwhelm To Freedom!

Task Management is open to all Business Owner System customers. Click below and join the challenge.